The Truth about Capacitors

Capacitors are a vital part of your Air Conditioning, Heat Pump or Furnace System.

Basically, capacitors are what make your single phase 120V and 240V motors work. These are the motors for your indoor blower (air handler), compressor and condenser fan.

A “blown” or open capacitor won’t let the motor run at all, but that isn’t the worst condition.

A bad capacitor can ruin an expensive motor

What is far worse than an open capacitor is a failing capacitor. That is one that is loosing its strength.

A failing capacitor can ruin the motor it is running. These failing capacitors can test out as good when using a capacitor tester, but when they are under a load they don’t perform, and can cause the motor to overheat and burnout.

If your service technician only tests the capacitor when it is disconnected from the system, then they really don’t know if the capacitor is working properly under a load. The service technician must test the capacitor under a load to determine if it is really good. If they don’t know how to test under a load, then maybe they aren’t the right technician for you.

Not all capacitors are the same

There are huge differences in the quality of capacitors.

Your local home improvement store likely carries capacitors. You can find capacitors sized for your condenser fan motor for only a couple of dollars. Look at the box. Where was that capacitor made?

Would you trust that cheap capacitor to run your $100 to $350 fan motor, or $750 to $1,500 compressor motor properly?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a capacitor marked as 440V is better quality than one that is marked 370V. The voltage rating is not a quality rating.

We only use capacitors that are products of the USA!

The capacitors that we use are products of the USA. They are either Mars USA or TradePro USA Motor Run capacitors. Both have five-year warranties. You won’t find a five-year warranty on the cheap capacitors.

Ask your contractor what warrantee comes with their capacitor.

Yes, these USA contactors do cost more, but you are getting a quality product.

Many of our competitors give you the cheap capacitors at about the same price we provide the USA capacitors. Why? Because they can. I guess they think no one will know the difference, and then when the motor fails, they get paid to replace that as well.

We are different at High Delta T, LLC. We provide quality parts that you can depend on at fair prices.