Most heating, air conditioning and refrigeration companies charge some type of service call fee just to show up at your home or business when you call them for service. Or they offer what seems like a low cost semi-annual tune up for a fixed price “special” offer.
We are different at High Delta T, LLC.
When you call us for a High Delta T FreeCheck, we meet with you to let you know what we will be doing to inspect the condition of your system. Some of the testing equipment that we use is too expensive for our competitors to send out with their technicians. However, we believe that these items are indispensable for determining if your system is operating properly. We will invite you to follow along and ask questions while we conduct the inspection. We will then give you a written report covering the “health” of your system, and review our findings with you.
You decide what work, if any, we perform. It is that simple. There is absolutely no charge if you don’t have us complete any work. NONE! We operate according to the principle belief that an educated consumer is our best customer.
Since the cost of this service is completely on us, our High Delta T FreeCheck is not available in all areas we service, and the days that we service an area are limited. Call us today to determine if this service is available in your area, and what day of the week we can meet with you at your home or business. This service is for systems that are currently working, but might not be running at optimal levels.
If your system is not operating, then we too will charge a minimum nominal fee equal to half of our standard hourly rate. Often, we can have your system running again in thirty minutes or less. It is reasonable that we receive some compensation for getting your system running again even if it was something as simple as reconnecting a loose wire or replacing a battery.
We may apply a one-hour minimum charge for emergency calls and calls for service outside of normal business hours. We will advise you when you call if this applies. Our normal business hours are from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.
We look forward to providing you with the best Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration service you have ever experienced.
Oops, I almost forgot! We are fully licensed plumbing contractors as well.